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09.06.2012 , 10:32 AM | #551
With all due respect, I think turning my ranged dps Bounty Hunter's CC into a MELEE goes against everything that was set up for it's class and story line. I do not PVP and I'm not interested in it. I'm here for the story progression, my guild, and to be able to solo my dailies when no one is around to help. I can see how non BH PVP players would love to nerf the BH CC...however, it is a huge debilitation for PVE. My BH is still stuck in chapter 3 (known bug for almost a year know with no fix in site per customer service) and unload still gets stuck. Yes, you can hit recharge/reload but, it still allows a BH to get a hit while dealing with it.

Can't you guys at least change it back in the PVE experience...where there are multiple targets to deal with? Thus far, it seems like the entire game is starting to cater to the PVP. I have been with the game since the start and even beta tested it. I looked forward to it's release just like everyone else.. Surely there's room for players like me, right?
I hope so cause I really like the ranged DPS class but, getting ready to go find a game that sticks to what the story of the game is all about.
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