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This sucks.

Basically, and for most practical purposes, Sage/Sorcs lose one of their most potent abilities completely.

Because I don't stand at or near 10 meters, I will have to remove ForceStun
- from my normal rotations, even though it is quite powerful
- worse yet, from my list of potential interrupts. That List is now down to 1 at 30 meters. 1 interrupt against certain enemies is completely insufficient.

The Force Wave change is bad as well. That used to be my standard tool against crowding melee mobs. The stun it delivered was at least as valuable as the knockback. Now, its not. I don't really see how fleeing can replace that. Force wave gave me breathing room to regain initiative and get the upper hand on attacking. Fleeing will just get me out of sight and thus reset the whole encounter (thanks to the royally stupid insta-heal NPCs get when leaving combat)

Bad Idea.

And I agree with the others who complained about how Bioware's constant PvP tinkering keeps creating a stream of unintended trouble for PvE players. Stop it, already. Bioware!

Defining Ability for Balance Sage is Sever Force, so a long range stuns is gone?

Also as interupt range is now 10 meters what the hell am I going to do when something is shooting me from 30 meters?