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Lets just start from the beginning to cover as much as I can. Came home turned on PC, downloaded patch (must have connection to do so). Log in to game and begin playing character. Ten minutes in I get booted to server screen with error 9000. Log back in, a few minutes later, booted out again. Jump on different character, few minutes pass error 9000, booted all the way out. Restart computer, modem, router, and run repair scan. Go back into game, try getting into PVP, begin playing, and booted all the way out. Call customer service, upon second restart, I lose all connection, and they tell me they can't help me if I don't have connection. So I try to get it back. Once reconnecting, I try logging in, I go to server and I begin getting the errors 1003 and 4001, they kick me out. I call and I get told that tech support PC's are under maintenance and to call back. All players servers are up, my account is in order, and I can not connect to any of my characters. If you could give me any idea of anything to do, please do. I am writing this from the same PC, so yes I do have internet connection.