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09.05.2012 , 07:39 PM | #509
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSabreth View Post
Looks like sorcs will be the new FOTOM in hutt ball now

•Force Speed now has a 20-second cooldown (down from 30) for all Consulars and Inquisitors.

•Fadeout/Egress has been redesigned. Now causes Force Speed to remove all roots and snares and grant immunity to roots and snares for the duration

•Polarity Shift/Mental Alacrity now additionally grants immunity to interrupts for the duration. Improved visual FX to demonstrate this effect.

•Backlash/Kinetic Collapse: The incapacitation effect caused by this skill no longer breaks on damage.

Let me help you out there.

1) Force speed can already be spec'd for 20 seconds. I have a 20-second cooldown as of right now. It helps (clearly), but we are still considered very squishy. Remember, force speed lasts for a whopping 2 seconds.

2) Fadeout/Egress only applies to healers; DPS sorc/sage don't get this. If a healer is running, he/she isn't healing. A healer that isn't healing isn't an effective healer. They are most likely trying to LOS their attacker, which often puts them in LOS issues with their potential team-mates needing heals.

3) Polarity Shift/Mental Alacrity is unused in PvP because DPS sorcs/sage almost always use insta-cast spells or channeled spells with no cooldown. As a result, i see about 0% of DPS sorc/sages benefiting from it. I see 0% of healers benefiting from it, since it's pretty high up the DPS tree. It might make it worthwhile to go high up one of the DPS trees to get the buff for 10 seconds, but I doubt it.

You forgot to mention the stun range nerf combined with the overload nerf, in exchange for a modest self-heal every 30 seconds.