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09.05.2012 , 07:31 PM | #508
Hey Allison:

Tell me how my math/analysis is wrong on the following, I'd love to hear it:

Pre 1.4 Scenario 1: Coordinated team stun locks you for 8 seconds and you die.
Pre 1.4 Scenario 2: Uncoordinated team can only stun lock you for 4 seconds because they stacked your resolve and gives you a slim chance to do something to survive.
Pre 1.4 Average stun-lock = 6 seconds (assuming 50% likelihood of each scenario)

Post 1.4 Scenario 1: Coordinated team stun locks you for 8 seconds and you die.
Post 1.4 Scenario 2: Uncoordinated team can now stun lock you for 8 seconds because your resolve isn't filling up as fast, and you die.
Post 1.4 Average stun-lock = 8 seconds

Seriously, the average time spent stun-locked is increased, not decreased. Please, please tell me my math/analysis is flawed. I know it isn't, but I'd be fascinated by the developers insight into how i'm wrong and they are right. The only difference now is that most stuns require a shorter range, but desired classes in RWZs like snipers/gunslingers still have a 30m range stun post 1.4.

We all know you don't want to "nerf" the overpowered class, so instead you thought of ways to stun-lock them to reduce their effectiveness. But as a result, you'd allowed everyone to get stun-locked even more.

Why can't you redesign some skills to also benefit from +expertise instead of the basic stats used in PvE? This would allow the developers to customize damage/mitigation/whatever to PvP and not effect PvE players. For instance, I know that at around 1250 expertise my damage bonus is about 20-22% (I forget exactly), but why not also allow my bonus damage stat to also benefit from +expertise like it does from say Willpower and power? That way +expertise has a a doubling effect, and allows you to customize the effects for PvP without impacting PvE. So my DPS sorc could actually do a lot more damage in warzones, but would be unaffected in PvE. This is so simple. Instead, all you have done is increase the average time a player can spend stun-locked.

Let me be crystal clear: We don't want to spend more time (on average) being stunned. We want classes to be balanced in PvP. While nerfs are sometimes the way to do it, the more beneficial way is to buff the underpowered classes. If you don't want to buff them too much for PvE, then make their damage/healing also be dependent upon +expertise. If you want to figure out which classes need buffs, just watch general chat when people are looking to form ranked warzones.

This is really simple stuff. It amazes me how messed up/complicated you have made it.