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Guild Name:
Knights of Sokan

Guild Website:

Jung Ma (RP-PVP)

What makes your guild stand out?
We are a friendly, tight knit group of friends that have been around since pre-launch of the game. Knights of Sokan started as a forum RP guild while preparing for the game launch. When the game launched, Knights of Sokan has been in game since beta and early access. We are a Jedi only Role-play guild with our core foundations following Old Republic Jedi lore. We constantly have RP going as well as an ongoing storyline which is being portrayed by a series of web comics showing the "Tales of the Knights of Sokan." We have relations with many other guilds, including a number of Imperial Faction guilds. We enjoy a good mix of RP, PvP, World PvP, as well as PvE. With every event that we put on, be it RP, PvP or PvE, we have a Role Play reason behind it.

Progression in our guild follows that of the Jedi Order. New members start out as initiates and receive training through their initiate classes. Once they complete the classes they are put through their initiate trials or "Proving Day." Upon completion of their trials they are eligible to be selected as a Padawan by either a Knight or Master within the guild.

The Master will then teach their Padawan what it is to be a Jedi and how to act in situations they may find themselves in. While they are teaching their Padawan they are also preparing them for the five Trials of Knighthood: the Trial of Spirit, the Trial of Courage, the Trial of Insight, the Trial of Skill and the Trial of Flesh. Upon successful completion of these trials, the Padawan will attend the sacred Knighting Ceremony where they will become promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight and be able to train a Padawan of their own.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
The reason I think we should be spotlighted is because of how unique we are. We are made up of very friendly people and are willing to help out our fellow guild-mates as well as other players. We enjoy working with other people to help better the Jung Ma server community.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
We are always looking for new and exciting Role-Play opportunities and experiences, as well as encouraging and assisting new Role-Players. We hope to see you all in game!

May the Force be with You.