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if you mention Storm/Jet charge as an interrupt then mention Harpoon/Grapple too yes you have to be at 10m radius minimum for both
Storm/Jet Charge have an interrupt as a described part of their effect. Harpoon/Grapple are pulls. The interrupt effect attached to a pull is incidental to the effect. If a target is immune to forced movement but vulnerable to interrupts (like most bosses), Harpoon/Grapple will do absolutely nothing. Storm/Jet Charge, on the other hand, will still do their job because they are interrupts (amongst other things). You can use Harpoon/Grapple as a functional interrupt in PvP, but that isn't the same as calling it a true interrupt (which,as I have said, is a separate and distinct category of effect). It's for this same reason that Commando/Mercs needed an interrupt because, while they have Concussion Charge/Jet Boost, it is in no way a suitable replacement for a true interrupt.
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