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You can go ahead and ignore clearly stated lore and rules and enjoy your wetdream of being a Sith, but please do not try and interviene and RP with others who are having a fun time. I doubt anyone will want to RP or even speak to you if you're going to come up streeking, screaming like a lunitic and spamming duel.(BTW personal Experience)
Yes I can totally see how one would be upset about people not taking the "lore" of the Nazi Space Wizards... I mean Sith, seriously.

The whole of the Imperial "lore" is completely illogical, implausible, and impossible. No society could ever survive, much less thrive following their "code". As such, people are free to make up whatever personal lore they want. It might be stupid, it might be brilliant but in a universe where logic, continuity, physics, and pretty much any other defining characteristic of a consistent reality is a joke, nothing is out of bounds.