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Hi there, basically I have had a problem with my guild that I set up. I set it up with 2 friends and wanted to make them officers so they could go around recruiting people for the guild so we could expand. I went to the ranks section of the guild tab and ticked all the boxes to allow them to do that and then clicked apply permissions, but every time I do this when I reopen the box it doesn't confirm I have done that and just sets it as all the boxes are unticked. I logged out and in to try sort it out but that didn't work so sent a in game ticket. After over 6 hours of waiting I finally got a response from one of the live agent chats, other MMO's I have played with far smaller budgets I have had a response within 30 minutes if that. The agent was kind and polite and sympathetic towards me even if it was scripted what he was saying, but he couldn't figure out how to fix it so he elevated it to a "specialist team" apparently so the ticket was closed. A day and a half later I haven't had any email or in game confirmation of this and the problem still persists. It is a pretty fundamental part of a massive MULTIPLAYER Online game that the guild functionality should work and me and my friends want to have fun with the guild and can't. I have got 3 of my real life friends signed up on the game and then all 3 of them are subscribers now so I am helping to buck the trend and am pretty peeved at the lack of customer service in this department.

I can understand it being a bug that might occasionally happen, but it does not seem that complex and would really appreciate it if at the very least Bioware were more professional about it and kept me in the loop, and a quick fix to it so we can take our guild forward would be nice

I am not threatening to quit the game or throw my toys out of the pram, as I love the game and think its awesome, but am just frustrated at the service somewhat and want to enjoy the game further with my guild as of the moment only I can invite anybody to the guild on one of my characters and I can't get my alts to join the guild!

Yours Sincerely, a fan of the game