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I think i get what you're saying but I don't Devs want to eliminate the possibility of KB'ing someone to a toasty death, they just want you to have the intent of doing it every time instead of every 3/4 times or so. Or if you want to push people off bridges, you have to put yourself more at risk, because if you want to maximize the people you hit you have to stand on the edge and cant stand safely (or more safe than the edges) in the middle.
As a ranged squishy class you are already putting yourself at risk by running up to the group of enemy players in order to push them off. Those enemy players all have the chance to stun you or to push you off before you push them off.

Another thing about the 360 degree push off -> that only works on a walkway or bridge. Not on a cliff: as those behind you just get pushed further on land - not off of the cliff.
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