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I guess I will just say this.. If it isn't broke then don't fix it.. I don't recall ever reading a complaint about Force Wave or the imperial's version of it.. I view it as pointless to change and nothing more than a needless nerf..

What is the point in decreasing the range of force stun, electroctute, and stuff?? 10m really?? So sages now have to run into use it?? What is next?? Decreasding the range of taunts for tanks?? Better not give them any ideas..
I'm figuring that it's not working as intended (which likely means they want you to pick the targets you're going to push, not randomly get kills by hitting some guy that wasn't fighting you into a fire pit), which is sadly one way of looking at something being broken from a developer's stand point. They're changing game play and want to emphasize Force Speed instead of the KB.

Yea, i agree with you on the second point. 10m stun for a FULL ranged class seems awkward...