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09.05.2012 , 02:03 PM | #450
Developer: "That Sorcerer just knocked my Sentinal back 8 meters! I can't even force leap back to him! And I was behind him! I know, I'll make his Overload only frontal in a cone shape, so I can get 2 more seconds of whipping on him as he's trying to turn around to use it. And if he miraculously survives, he'll knock me in range to jump back, smash him down and finsh his sorry behind.."

Overload a frontal cone shape attack, fine. Make Smash only frontal, and put Sweeping Slash back to only frontal.
Reduce the range of Electrocute? Fine, make ravage interuptable.

Seriously BioWare and Electronic Arts. I am extremely close to to cancelling my subscription.

You want to Balace PvP and make it an enjoyable experience? Make a class that is only PvP. It has no story line, and PvP's from Level 1. Have PvP ranges of levels 1-9, 10-49, and 50. Give it 3 trees, 1 heals, 1 DPS (balanced between Ranged and Melee) and 1 Tank. Select your tree at Level 10 (which will be your Advanced Class choice). There you go. Balanced PvP.

So much for your promise to not "adjust" classes based solely on PvP.

The ONLY thing I see positive in your 1.4 changes, is giving the Mercenary an Interupt.