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Overload and Force Wave [...] but what frequently occurs is a bad experience for incidental nearby enemies that arenít your intended target(s).
What unintended target(s)? In PvP there are not any incidental nearby enemies that arenít your intended target(s) -> all players that are not in your faction and are thus enemies are your intended targets! This is not like PvE where there are two groups of mobs and you end up aggroing both groups (in which case you should not be using an aoe move any way -> that is the player's fault: not the way the ability was designed!)!

There is no disadvantage for you if your aoe move hits more enemy players in PvP.
There is of course a disadvantage for those enemy players -> but that is the case for all aoe moves (that both you can do and the enemy players can do to you)! Hitting all the enemy players around you at that moment is what aoe is all about! With this 120 degree aoe move you will still hit enemy players that you might not have originally thought you would hit as people are constantly moving and changing direction (not to mention there could be some lag). To make it as Mr. Peckenpaugh seems to be suggesting you would have to have some sort of multi- target system where you individually click each target you want affected by your aoe move. That would be tedious and i cannot imagine that being better than the 360-degree-oops-(in reality: yay!)-i-hit-an-extra-enemy-player ability.

The only way i can make sense of this is that those enemy players have been complaining. Yes, it is annoying to get caught in an aoe move from an enemy player -> but if that is something to complain about to the point of something being done about it then all aoe abilities should be removed from the game -or at least from PvP-! (Which would be ridiculous and sad of course - and the same people would end up complaining all over again.)

The only time i can understand people complaining about this is in Hutt Ball when a player is on a walkway and they get pushed off. Changing it to a 120 degree aoe still pushes them off - albeit possibly less enemy players.
If this is the reason for the change:
Changing the design of an ability for the entire game because of things that are happening in one WZ is the wrong approach and i dearly hope that that is not the reason for the change. If it is indeed Hutt Ball that is causing the extra complaints in this area, perhaps they could make parts of the walkways so that no one can be pushed off of them. (A good wall for example.) There will still be key parts of the walkways in which players can be pushed off (keeping the WZ interesting and challenging in that way) - but being pushed off of walkways will in general be reduced, making it less frustrating and allowing for more strategic thinking. To make this balanced you would then have to keep Knights from being able to Force Leap onto the parts of the walkways that are unpushoffable, same goes to similar abilities and also abilities that allow a player from a lower part of the WZ to be able to pull an enemy player off of the walkway. All of these abilities of course being allowed on the parts of the walkways where one can push off (an) enemy player(s).

This could be true for more WZs than just Hutt Ball (or more areas than just those walkways) in which case, again, walls would solve the problem.

As many players have said that know the Overload and Force Wave abilities well:
These abilities are useful also for those that are behind you as enemy players (PvP) and mobs (PvE) tend to surround you: in which case you want them all pushed back - not just the ones in front of you! In a way this is all the more true in PvP where people get behind you on purpose. (Though i am glad that in SWtOR your character automatically turns in order to cast something instead of just getting an annoying error message saying that the target must be in front of you in order for you to be able to use that ability.)
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