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I came to this game for PvE/Story in a Star Wars universe. I'm sure I'm not the only one. At launch I was playing with a dozen or so 'Star Wars' geeks, who were all excited about playing an MMO in a Star Wars universe. For most of them, it was their first MMO. As fhe first month or two went by, we collected up more Star Wars fans, formed a guild, and had a lot of fun playing the game. We do a little light PvP (helping defend a city, or friendly player when needed, etc...), but PvP is not a central focus to our game play.

Since that time, our guild of 30 or so players has dwindled to three who still have active subscriptions. The major reason they don't log in any more is lack of content updates (no new stories, new planets, new NPC's, companions, etc...). Even the little things. One female friend complained that she had leveled her Scoundrel, romanced Corso, ended up marrying him, and now he won't speak to her. Once the current story ends, it just ends. Nothign has changed in this regard since the game launched in December. Our companions, characters we spend almost all of our time with, are nothing but non-conversational meat bags.

The Codex is broken. One of the things that I enjoyed was the Codex. Learning about the worlds, characters, organizations, etc... it was fascinating... at least it had the potential to be. Instead it's broken, badly. Many of the 'achievements' are broken completely. There are many items that are just not in the game. Achievements for completing codex entries has so much potential. If done well, it could even be an alternative mechanism to advance you characters. Instead, its mostly ignored by most players. As far as I know, not a single minute of development time has been devoted to fixing/updating the codex.

There are many many threads in various forums on this site where players are asking for more story, more content, more depth to the story.

Instead, we get PvP balance...

It's really frustrating. I really want to love this game. I really do. The amount of time the developers are dedicating to PvP in the game is discouraging, especially with all of the attention given to the layoffs of staff and developers.

The Star Wars universe, an IP that I'm sure they paid a ton of money for, has so much story potential, and yet instead of developing more Star Wars story, PvP gets all of the developer attention.

This discourages me about the future of this game.
Currently I haven't beat the story. but its kinda depressing to know that our story just completely ends and we get nothing more. I love star wars but im getting a very "I might quit this game" kinda mind set . screw PvP man I joined for the awesome story telling.

The only reason you see more pvpers up here trying to defend is cause they know that if Pve gets what we want they will not, I mean back when this started it had tons of players. not look at it.....They gotta go free to play....PvP aint making you no money you idiots. Give us more story content. or find yourself broker than MC Hammer.

Fact is Majority join for the story and only end up pvping against there will..... that's ********. Fix it.