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Perhaps you should learn how to read first... not viable isn't quite the same as less tankish. They are not nearly as good as a jugg right now. In PvP, even with full dps gear I don't even get near a deception or madness specced assassin dps. And why does survivor gear exists in the first place if there's currently no use for it...
I agree with that, in terms of PvP. And i have no clue why it does, but the general consensus is that defense/shield/absorb (the three big stats in all tanking armor) are fairly useless in terms of PvP as most abilities don't proc any of those. And while it's true that you don't get the same DPS as a deception or madness build, a hybrid build with some darkness in it boasts a fair amount of increased survivability with a median DPS than any single spec build. As it stands, hybrid tanksins are the best DPS tankish classes for PvP (with great utility too if you add in the pull)