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09.05.2012 , 01:27 PM | #438
Quote: Originally Posted by iamglass View Post
Repositioning doesn't happen immediately (however the new FW/O does), hence this little thing called kiting exists...
120 degree arc is nearly a full arc in front of you, it just barely misses things directly to the sides of you...
again i say obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.
You decide to walk backwards to reposition.. you walk backwards very slowly the 2 marauders standing behind you move to keep up their main hits that have to be done from behind. In PVE mobs react instantly to repositioning and you miss most of them as you are walking very slowly.

You decide to run forward and turn around... Run forward... spin.. fire move... spin... hit force speed... run away.
In a no lag world this would work great if the people you are fighting were retarded, or had no arms and used a pointy stick to mash their buttons.
In PVE again mobs reposition as soon as you move.

This is a bad change and pretty much you and 1 other guy think it is a good idea.

Obvious troll? or Fool?

Not sure which one