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09.05.2012 , 01:24 PM | #436
I need to rant a bit about the 1.4 updates that'll change the sage. I'm sure once 1.4 is released and I get use to the new way to use crowd control I'll "Get Over It." I feel however these changes are making my character less valuable and this will further progress me into not enjoying SWTOR as a Sage.

Changing Force Stun from 30 meters to 10 meters? Force Wave from 360 Degree Knock back in a 8 meter radius to now a 120 degree cone in front of you at 15 meters?

Force Stun and 20 Second CD Force Run: The developers are basically nerfing crowd control in my opinion and nerfing Sages/Sourcers again since 1.2 in my opinion. I use Force Stun constantly at distant targets in PVP at 30 to 15 meters. At 10 meters you won't even be able to force stun a player on the opposite side of the acid pool in huttball - its +10.01 meters away. The sage's survivability depends on distancing themselves from the enemy players. It has made the new Force Stun used primarily to just get away from a player who is directly on top of you such as a melee fighter. You have to get into the range players 10 meter radius just to stun him. I'd like to see Force Stun at 15 meters if you're going to nerf it. The only benefit that has been given is Force Run will now have a 20 seconds cool down instead of 30 seconds. You're able to use force run 3 times per min instead of 2 times per minute. Thatís 6 seconds total of 150% speed increase per minute instead of 4 seconds per minute. Thatís great, but if I had to pick between 20 second cool down for force run over 10 meters for Force Stun, I need the Force Stun at 15 meters or more for it to be useful. Now I can run in, force stun the enemy and force run out. All of the Sage's abilities are at 30 meters. Yet Force Stun is going to be at 10 meters? Useless ability in PVP at 10 meters in my opinion. Also Iím not sure about other classes but here's a question. "Are all other Classes get to keep there stuns over a 10 meter distance?"

Force Wave: Force Wave from 360 Degree Knock back in a 8 meter radius to now a 120 degree cone in front of you at 15 meters? I don't know about other players that use the Sage, but in PVP such as Void Star - we are use to being able to knock the enemy back off the door that they are 1 second away from planting on. Ok ok, I'm cool with having to focus the front of my characters body at the enemy to knock them back. This will make me less lazy. Opps I missed the enemy cause they weren't in front of me. Now look - i have a agent or assassin behind me throwing mass amounts of dps. I can't use knock back if they're behind me. Why do I need to knock back players 15 meters in distance away from me anyways? Oh thatís right; my force stun can't reach the player at 15 meters duh.

New Healing: Cool you're giving us a new healing ability that heals the user for a moderate amount. I'm going to need it cause I can't seem to crowd control the DPS PVP player as well as I use to. Anyways I'm thankful the developers are going to give us new abilities if they're going to change on others. Again like i said before, I'm sure I'll get over it once 1.4 is out. I just feel these changes are making my character less valuable to enjoy in SWTOR.