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Force cloak is down 2min for all assassins and 1:30 if spec'd in deception. Secondly, no tank is truly tank-like in any PvP environment, it s just the way the system works and that in itself needs a separate revamp. As it stands now, almost all tanks and the like are using DPS gear, because the Tank gear gives you such a small increase in survivability in exchange for a massive loss of DPS. Also, since when are Assassins not viable tanks in the PvE environment, they are excellent tanks provided you keep your shield ward thing up.
Perhaps you should learn how to read first... not viable isn't quite the same as less tankish. They are not nearly as good as a jugg right now. In PvP, even with full dps gear I don't even get near a deception or madness specced assassin dps. And why does survivor gear exists in the first place if there's currently no use for it...
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