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Kite just ahead of the train pursuing you, turn to face them (if they savagely pursue you as described), instantly use your Force Wave to knock them all back, and then use your new lower cooldown Force Speed to bolt from them all. How hard is that? lol

And I see by your response that you will try every excuse in the book to QQ about the change.

i.e. I have no argument and just like to QQ.

It has nothing to do with elitism. The question is very basic and simple. You have no answer because there isn't one.

That's missing the point of the change. The point of the change wasn't to require more skill in using Force Wave/Overload. The point was to bring more precision and control to the skill. The current implementation is spammy and haphazard in both PvE and PvP. Now you will have more determination on what targets you hit with FW and where those targets go after knocking them back. The change makes complete sense in that regard.
Telling people to learn to play when they don't like the class changes and "balance" seems elitist to me, if I go on to list what all doesn't work and is broken you will just ignore it and say learn 2 play which would just be a waste of effort and time on my part. I am not walking into that little trap.
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