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Hello everyone,

Please discuss this week's Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4 blog in this thread!
A couple things of note for your developers:

You've increased the effectiveness of the kiting system
I do not agree with you making resolve less effective.
You've added more time a player will be under the effect of a stun.
You've made the 2 healers impossible to stop from scoring rampantly in huttball.

I do not understand why you are nerfing resolve. Did anyone ever ask for resolve to be less of a factor in pvp? Which developer determined that math formula needed to be adjusted so that resolve mattered even less in pvp than it does now? So now if you screw up and hit someone again resolve isn't stacking. So now you'll have shorter time to kills as you won't ever miss fill resolves?

I love the thought of playing deception. Thank you for trying to make that a viable pvp advanced class. I was hoping you'd actually make resolve more effective at preventing chain stunning. This is going to make instant cast whirlwind more required of assassins as shutting down healers is now going to be super easy. The TTK is going up in ranked and non-ranked warzones and I think your going to have more healers complaining. I know I am adding back in more CC since you nerfed resolve.
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