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About the change to AoE Overload:
You know it's still possible to take like 5 steps back and hit most if not all the people attacking you with the Overload, THEN turn around and run away instead. The range has been increased to 15 from 8 in case most of you missed that. This effectively means that all your targets will be pushed away from you as your run instead of having them haphazardly tossed around you, and in some cases getting unintended/not really deserved kills by knocking them in to acid/fire/off bridges/ etc. (Arguably, it's the attackers fault for standing between a sorc/sage and the hazard but eh.) This also works in PvE.
It actually doesnt work in PVE and probably wont work in pvp.

Do all classes stand in a nice little 120 degree arc? Do they move when you move?
In PVE do mobs reposition when you move or just stand there?
You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.