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BH - Zev'kres'tharti
Core name: Kres
He likes the brevity of it, easy and quick. It's a utilitarian core name that suits his lifestyle.
Brief Bio: Kres was exiled from the Ascendency (willingly) to avoid bringing shame on his family for circumstances that he prefers not to discuss. He's had a rather interesting, twisted path through life, running guns and spice for a period of time before the thrill ceased to be enough of a reason to get up in the morning. Bounties seemed, to him, like a worthwhile persuasion - his most basic goal is to earn enough to possibly retire and settle down once the thrill of this second career fades away, or die trying.

IA Name: Fath'ray'nekesh
Core name: Rayne
IA is a very androgynous Chiss, hence the androgynous but still vaguely effeminate core name.

Brief Bio: Rayne is part of an increasingly important family in the Ascendency, and the first from that house to do Imperial service. Rather than perform a term of service in the house's Phalanx, Rayne chose to get military experience in the Empire, and caught the eye of Intelligence recruiters. Androgynous, graceful, seductive and intelligent, Rayne easily passes for either male or female as the situation requires.

The rest of my Chiss, sadly, haven't been plotted out or created yet.
The List o' Toons: Zev'kres'tharti (Chiss BH Merc), Fath'ray'nekesh (Chiss IA Op), Cyzen Daubain (Pureblood SW), Cycas Voliri (Human Sith Assassin), Khaliel Tam (Miralukan Jedi Shadow)