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Quote: Originally Posted by Giolon View Post
The Voss Mystic Gear (Robe, Legwraps, etc.) has always been a white/very light grey patterened set of robes. With today's patch, all of the patterning on it is showing up as dark blue.

The version of the robes worn by Vortine, the Voss Modification Commendations vendor on the Republic Fleet still looks correct, but the version that players can buy from the Voss Social Vendor is now incorrect.
I'm seeing the exact same thing since this patch. I'm using Voss Mystic chest to match the rest of my gear to. It used to be all white before this patch, now it's all blue. tbh this make me look very ugly.

I'll try the repair suggestion, but since 2 people are seeing this exact same issue since latest patch, I don't have much hope that it will fix this.

Just did a raid, and everyone in my group sees it blue as well instead of the white it used to be. So it's not just us 2.