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Our last official word from BioWare on same-gender romance came six months ago today. That was at the Guild Summit, where a panel of developers discussed the present and future of the game. The Community Q&A was then several weeks old, and we had not been shy about asking for an update on same-gender content. Although that never was addressed on the weekly Q&A blog, or for that matter anywhere else that the Developer Tracker can track, late in the day, toward the tail end of the panel discussion, Daniel Erickson finally tackled the subject of SGRs. Here's what he said:

Quote: Originally Posted by Daniel Erickson
This is an interesting one because it sort of lit up, and we didn't honestly -- if we should give an update on it every single time -- We've always said the same thing with it, which is that it's coming, and it's coming with story updates. And we totally understand when people hear "soon", um, maybe I should have put the TM next to it that, "writer Soon"? The writers have a much, much larger lead time than you would expect, and we wanna do any of this stuff right. We heard suggestions, and we do read the stuff, and let's talk a little about the stuff we were not willing to do. We were not willing to go in and just change all the dialogue to work for the other gender. That is not writing. That is not good storytelling.

When we do this, we wanna do it right, we wanna do it with the characters that make sense, that we always knew that we wanted to do it for those, so you guys know and we've talked about it before, it ended up being a budget and scheduling issue. There are romance arcs that we wanted to do that didn't make it in the game, we knew which characters (I'm not gonna tell you)... [some audience joking about characters] So the short answer is, it's never changed, it's still coming, it's coming when full story comes, and when is full story coming? This year. So we are still on track.
The line he takes with "we've always said the same thing" was rather disingenuous, as it implied that there had been multiple statements. In fact, until Mr. Erickson addressed the topic, the only official word we'd had was six months prior to that -- the statement from Stephen Reid which is still the blanket boilerplate reply when one needs to be given. It didn't mention anything about SGRs being parceled with story, either.

It would be nice to know how much of the Guild Summit info is still true. I am hoping that if some overriding in-house gag-rule precludes an update on the status of SGRs, that we might at least hear in generic terms about story. Nothing I haven't said here before, but I wanted to repost that to mark the semi-anniversary of the last word we've had on the subject.