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I agree...I am worried that most of these romances kinda force the whole marriage thing though (from what I've heard).
Not may feel pressured but not forced. I didn't marry Nadia on my Consular...she didn't mind. I didn't marry Ensign Temple on my agent, and while she was clearly unhappy about it, she didn't protest or end the relationship. Certain other companions I've seen actually turn down your marriage proposal. I felt like Torian would have just fallen to pieces if I said no, so I don't know what really happens if I did. But I can't speak for all romances in the game yet, many I haven't seen.

Kaliyo is so obviously bisexual. It's not even subtle.

So anyway.....yes everyone here is aware that SGR might not happen, or may be on the backburner for a while, but there is nothing wrong with keeping this thread alive and continuing to do what the title says, request clarifications.
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