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09.05.2012 , 01:34 AM | #360
Like MariaD said no love for the juggy tank? I mean assassin tanks are gettin all the love i mean stealth,cc,force sprint 3% endurance boost they get all the cool stuff i mean tanks didnt really benefit nothing on 1.3 maybe give us something like some moves to decrease damage taken or even a cc ability or heck an endurance boost ability would be cool. seems like all these updates are benfitting the pvp players but not the pve players. I could be wrong but thats how I feel im lvl 50 campaign/black hole tank and some new abilities that actually benefit me controling multiple mobs besides a 6 second aoe taunt would be nice i mean yeah smash stacks but people still pull your aggro unless your focused on just that person. would be nice to have better threat generators