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An interrupt will be nice, I guess, and I get the Electro Dart thing, but no knockback on Rocket Punch?! I LIVE on that in Huttball! D: So Powertechs can just yank people into fire, but I can't even luck out and punch someone into one anymore unless I use my long-cooldown Jet Boost?

What in the world? Like, really. A snare on the Commando would be nice, but not in exchange for the knockback on Rocket Punch/Stockstrike!

I don't use Stockstrike to keep people away from me. I use it to put people into acid pits, fire traps, knock them off ledges in Huttball to deny scoring and position, etc. A snare instead of a knockback removes that very critical utility that a Commando has, one of their very few utility-based skills from Stockstrike, leaving them with exactly one skill to position the enemy, and on a very long cooldown.