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Sorry, I don't understand your post at all.
The point is that BW claims that all classes are within 5 % dps but if you look at how the average sorc/sage performs it's pretty obvious that this isnt the case. Hence, the must be comparing the top sorcs/sages to average players from other classes for it to add up.
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C'mon!! This is ridiculous....the classes that were widely considered "OP" (Commandos/Mercs/Sages/Sorcs) were further buffed while the Infiltration/Deception & Scrapper/Concealment didnt get anything. Even worse, is that they admit the appeal of the "stealth killers" has diminished severely yet they did NOTHING to better their current situation. Can bioware get anything right?!?!? With each update, I lose more & more faith that the developers have any clue as to how to balance the class(es) & the class favoritism that existed has only been further put on display with each update they release. Way to go bioware, thanks for nothing.
Are you still stuck back in January 2012 or something?