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09.04.2012 , 09:56 PM | #16
My main is a Bounty Hunter so I had to choose Empire and I am full light side.
I am invested in my BH so I tend to RP in the convos and decisions. Though I'm a BH, I follow the BH code loosly. Nothin' personal, it's my job. when it comes down to the "Kill" or "Don't Kill" options, I usually always pick "don't kill" and freeze them in carbonite. If a person I'm working for confronts me and questions my actions.. I won't allow it and will pick a dark side answer (even if I don't want the dark side points).
Basicly my Bounty Hunter sticks to the code and gets the job done while still having some compassion in the final say.
"Ni'haata lo'gar peti'run. Nihatta te'werd gar'haaran." (The shadows are only deeper when the light is brighter.)
(swg Elder Bounty Hunter, never played another class)