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I posted mine on the last thread and it never got into the index. I have every intention of eventually updating/finishing it, since like 3 people liked it lols.

Title: Running in the Family
Author: Elliotcat
Class: Main: smuggler. Ancillary: Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular. Smuggler spoilers only.
~Summary~: Corso's wayward cousin Rona returns, seeking shelter with freighter captain Ayang Cardani in exchange for information about the brother she never knew she had - and help saving him from the gang who wants him dead. Ayang decides to attempt to track him down, making use of a new ability that might be more of a curse than a blessing: a temporary Force connection she can't control.

I'm bad at summaries, so just read it.

"We will snatch purpose from the jaws of futility...are you ready to wreak some havoc?"[/SIZE]