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09.04.2012 , 08:21 PM | #1
So first off I want to say that I love this game, and even though it runs terrible on my system I still pay to play it every month. I am hoping that BioWare will reward it's faithfuls with some sort of fix on how this game accsesses our hard drives. If there is anything you think I could tweak or change that may have worked for you on this issue please let me know. But I run 60 FPS in most places except for PvP and on fleet. On fleet my frames will drop as low as 10fps....That being said here is a little bit of information about my system.

Motherboard: Asus Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula AM3+
CPU: AMD-FX Bulldozer 8150 (8core) @4.4ghz on water
GPU('s): Two GTX 560 ti special editions in SLI @950mghz
SSD: Two 240gb Corsair Force ssd's
PSU: 1000W Cooler Master modular PSU
RAM: 16gb G.Skill sniper

I am fairly sure the issues I am running into are not hardware, but hey I could be wrong. Like I said, I am getting really frustrated with the low frames please help!