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Now this change does not make any sense to me at all. Force Wave is a defensive ability to get melee classes off you. With the change, there's now a 240 degree gap in the defenses for those with light armour. This is really a huge nerf thats really not needed. By removing their counter against a zerg, the survivability of Consulars is severely reduced.

Force Wave works just fine in Voidstar and Civil War and an accidental knockback into the hut for Novare is not fatal since the node can be ranged capped. Where its not used is the goal line of huttball. The full bar of resolve is usually fatal. Predictability of a knockback seems to be more useful in huttball, but that's just 1 warzone out of 4.

Please reconsider this change.
I guess, jumping, spinning your mouse 180 and firing a KB is too much for you.