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What you obviously don't see is that those left PAYING will not only pay for THEIR OWN CONTENT but also paying for the content of those that play for "free". If you are going to play then it should be that you pay for it. I will not pay for someone else to play for free. If they wish to play....they too must pay. That is not mean spirited it is just the way the world works. If you can't afford a sports car...don't expect to drive one for free. More importantly, don't expect ME to pay for it.
Well first off, f2p is never really f2p. Its either p2win, b2play, or p2play.

How many f2pers do you think are going to play past 25 without a speeder? They can't level through warzones/flashpoints/space because they've got limited amounts of those.

You can bet most players who don't end up leaving the second they hit tat are going to pony up for speeder access. So they pay for speeder access and finish leveling to 50. What then, do they just abandon the character they spent 200 hours on? There's nothing for f2p to do at level 50, they can't even play the GTN or credit farm, since they've got limited postings on GTN and a limit on accessible credits. Go roll an alt? They could have limited character slots. If they want to keep playing on the same character, they have to start paying a sub or buy access to ops, warzones, and HM flashpoints, if those are even available outside a sub.

Believe me, being nickel and dimed usually ends up costing a whole lot more than a single sub. Go ahead and try out any f2p mmo and tell me that its really free.
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