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I see a big puddle of tears I need to mop up before it starts to drown people. Please wait while I return with my cleaning equipment.

Seriously people, it's 2012. We know this F2P model is here to stay. Just because a game goes F2P doesn't mean the game is ruined. Those who pay to play will not be affected, while it opens the game up to those who want to play for free with limited access. It's not like those who play for free are going to get in there and be able to enjoy everything you do as a paying customer. A lot of services are limited, and it looks like they won't even be able to participate in Operations. It looks like to me the free to play model is being suited for those who just want to get in there and play through the class stories.

By boosts, I'm sure they mean experience boosts, and I'm sure they won't be all that expensive. I know as someone who works a lot and doesn't have much time to play, I will certainly be taking advantage of the boosts. It's not like those buying items are going to have an advantage in combat, because I just don't see them adding combat items to the store.
What you obviously don't see is that those left PAYING will not only pay for THEIR OWN CONTENT but also paying for the content of those that play for "free". If you are going to play then it should be that you pay for it. I will not pay for someone else to play for free. If they wish to play....they too must pay. That is not mean spirited it is just the way the world works. If you can't afford a sports car...don't expect to drive one for free. More importantly, don't expect ME to pay for it.

Give me an MMO that I can visit and have fun! Where what I pay for is not going to those that play for free.