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09.04.2012 , 05:32 PM | #7
Hmm... I have a habit in games like this, to never be able to settle for one alignement type. So i have two force using characters who i am taking to alignment extremes. The other are a slightly grey either way.

I cannot honestly say that any of the DS or LS choices affect me. I simply roleplay, if that means torturing someone with lightning (Sorceror) So be it.

The reason i have both alignments is this: On my good days (When i am feeling happy) I play LS characters. On my bad days (When i feel annoyed, angry, or similar) I play DS. They are both a harmless release valve. Its why most people cant understand why i am, generally, a very calm and placid person. Even when someone is outwardly attempting to hurt or provoke me.

Forget what the media says. Games (In my case) are the best counselors and psychological healers you can get. IF you can learn to seem them so.