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I played Republic first and then Empire for change. I quickly fell in love with the Empire - after all its the first chance in any star wars games to play on the side of evil.
But after leveling one 50 and a 46 of the same class - I have noticed a few times when the decisions made, or how the conversation went really made me sit back and go that's just wrong.
Has this happened to anyone else? has the choices made by the empire or the republic ever make you rethink the side you're on? if so, share your experience

Me personally, I prefer to play DS as it's more fun for me--I've played mostly DS toons in KOTOR, TSL, JK and JA. That said, after hitting Dark V with both my vengeance jugg and tankasin I am going to change things up with my marauder and tank jugg taking more of a more neutral path
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