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I understand the changes, and the desire for them. Playing both my sage and other classes, the root off of force wave is one of the largest sources of rage for me (much like the same effect on snipers/slingers, who get to keep it as far as I read, and who can actually kill someone during the root~...) It can't be cleansed and leaves you sitting there for 3 seconds doing nothing, unless you are a ranged dps that laughs, and keeps shooting all 3 seconds). Nevertheless, I think it's pretty impressive to see how they are simultaneously breaking us in opposite directions for PVE and PVP.

You will recall that the initial nerf to Resplendence was to preclude our never ending force pool obtained from free Noble Sacrifices every 15 seconds. Now they introduce a no-cost self heal for a "moderate amount", which I am guessing puts it somewhere between Benevolence & Deliverance. In PVE that's the 2k-4k range + bonus healing, 30% talents, and 80% crit (virtually guaranteed every third use, because what else does a pve healer use force potency for?) and you've got a free noble sacrifice double tap every 30 seconds. (AKA no more oop sages). They could manage this by reducing the strength of the self-heal a little more, but then it would be useless in pvp.

Now turn to pvp -- The change to 20seconds on Force sprint is great for dps pvp sages. more mobility to move from point to point is always great. It's use as a getaway tool? great 1v1 (which aside from ops & shadows isn't a problem) and useless where we are really hurting -- the focused healer. How often do we really get away from a snaring/stunning/rooting/knockdown/mezzing assist train using force sprint? If this is supposed to replace Force Wave as our survivability ability, it needs to ignore/break the root/snare components of all ccs, including stuns, mezzes and knockdowns (i.e. leave us stunned/mezzed/whatever but able to move).
On to Force Wave -- the change to insta-effect is nice, but not a big deal -- we've adjusted and timed our casts now as is, insta effect makes it a little easier to aim people, I guess. With the change to resolve, making it harder for them to fill our resolve bar when spamming cc, it's even harder to actually get away with force sprint assuming that. we aren't dead before the cc wears off. The change to 120% frontal screws us. How often do people who leap to us land next to us rather than in front of us? how often does client/server lag not show where some one actually is? This has become an offensive ability, to be used in void stars and civil wars to protect cap as people leave the gate/land off the speeder rather than as the defensive ability it appears to be intended to be. A lesser version of force push with an ae component. On the bright side, dps sages can use it to peel the crowd off the healing scoundrel next to them.