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Whenever both sides cooperate I think "we need more of this". Specifically:


It shows the moral ambiguity inherent in armed conflict.

A very long time ago, in a middle school far, far away a visiting scoutmaster for Boy Scouts of America told us a story about an experience he had in the Desert Storm conflict. He was part of a a convoy that was ambushed and he was forced to retreat in a different direction than his squad. Working to regroup with his men, he was caught unarmed by an opposing soldier. Basically having nothing to lose, he threw up his Scout sign. The opposing soldier also put up his Scout sign and walked away.

Fictionalized or not, it left an impact on me. I never considered that those involved in armed conflict were "people", in the emotional sense, and were able to make decisions based on their own morality and not some greater goal assigned to them from someone in an office 3,000 miles away.

When I hear about similar stories, I think that this something I'd like to see represented more often. The above two story lines gave me the opportunity to see it.

Playing a Sith Warrior all dark felt boring after playing my inquisitor that way. Adding some light side choices as they made sense (no killing of innocents, for instance) made way more sense to me than just the full "ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR!!!" rhetoric that a pure dark side story would give you. We need to see more of that.

TL;DR Yes.
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