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09.04.2012 , 03:13 PM | #8
1. Were you eligible for rewards according to the Group Finder UI? Was everyone in the group eligible?
2. How did you queue for Group Finder (Full group of 4, partial group, individual)?
3. Did your Group Finder group lose a player and find a replacement player? Or were you a replacement for an already existing group?
4. Did anyone die or leave the instance at any time? If so, what were the conditions?
5. Did the group leader receive rewards (if eligible)?
6. What role were you signed up for when you did not receive rewards (ie tank, healer…)?

What on Earth do these questions matter if he was eligible and completed? So what you are saying is I have to go thru a checklist everytime I run something and hope for the best? I dont think so. Do I need to send out a questionaire to individuals before I run an OP to make sure we are good to go? No.