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Plugs for myself, bright_ephemera:

There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath: Sith Warrior Nalenne kills her husband Quinn, finishes up her great game adventure, and is free to move on to more important things, like unrestrained Dark Side exercises and comic books. Right? Humor/longform story, Sith Warrior.;
full story is also available as a PDF download.

No Death, Only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles: The continuing adventures of Sith Warrior Nalenne and her crew. Humor/episodic, Sith Warrior.

No Death, Only Wrath: Volume 3: The adventures of Sith Warrior Nalenne and Sith Inquisitor Niselle during the Shadow of Revan storyline. Humor/longform, Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor.

Ruth Means Compassion: Over the course of three timelines told in parallel, Sith Warrior Ruth rises to become Wrath, loses her ideals, and - in time - finds a very good reason to try to live up to them again. Drama/longform story, Sith Warrior.;
the expanded edition is available for download PDF download.

Don't Call Them Ruth-Less: Tales of Wynston and Quinn: Circumstances lead a fortysomething Malavai Quinn into a reluctant partnership with long-term rival Agent Wynston. Minimally spoilered shenanigans ensue. Humor/episodic, vaguely Imperial Agent.

Lodestone: A Wynston/Ruth Alternate Universe: What if Imperial Agent Wynston had gone straight where he wanted to at a critical point in Warrior Ruth's timeline? This Ruth AU explores how Ruth Means Compassion would've been different. Drama/longform, Sith Warrior/Imperial Agent.

The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare: Young companions come together at daycare, where even the worst of the worst can force admission for no reason anyone can see, conflicts erupt over everything from cookies to toy blasters, and companions are never, ever killed for bad behavior. Humor/episodic, vaguely SW/SI/IA/JK/SM/TR.

The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare: Fallen: Young companions return to their familiar daycare - and find it altered with the sweeping changes of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Who will survive? And who will get cookies? Humor/episodic, SW/SI/IA/BH/JK/SM/TR/sortaJC.

Spoiler Warning: Sith Warrior Sevasht Warwiggins (3SWar): Light Side Sith Sevasht Warwiggins attempts to complete the Sith Warrior storyline without being driven nuts by his companions...and without revealing to them the secret that they're all in a game. Humor/shortform, Sith Warrior.;
full PDF also available for download here.

Spoiler Warning: Imperial Agent Aggerton Warwiggins: Sevasht's brother tries his hand at the Imperial Agent plot, also trying to conceal the secret from his companions. Unfinished humor/shortform.

Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale: Trooper Vierce Savins, having spent his childhood and youth in the resistance on an Imperial-occupied planet, joins up with Havoc Squad and is promptly assigned...a former Imperial. Keeping his act together turns out to be difficult. Drama/longform, Trooper.
Cross Faction AU, bringing Vierce into conflict with Cipher Nine, is available as a PDF download.

The Light From Dromund Kaas: Brief prequel stories to Ruth Means Compassion, these are accounts from the life of Colran and Dolarra Niral, Ruth's parents. Drama, no in-game class.

Companion Holiday Drabbles 2014 has snow, egg nog, and gifts for forty companions plus three droids.

Companion KotFE friendship letters has platonic letters from thirteen companions in the prelude to Knights of the Fallen Empire.
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