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Index of SW:TOR Fan Fiction by Character Class

Bounty Hunter

Don't Stop Believing by OneShotTC*
Forging Fortune by Jenovan
Hunter by mustardcheese
The Life That's Left by Eversteam*
My Name is Solomon Crae by iamthehoyden*
Not MY Choice by Irrissa*
Out of the Airlock by Eversteam*
The Ways of the Force: Business by GCRust
When I Wake by Eversteam*
Yours to Hold by Eversteam*

Imperial Agent

Cleaner One, Saga of a Reluctant Agent by Striges*
A Crisis of Haberdashery by thatghost*
How to Become an Imperial Agent in Four Easy Steps by Kinnu
Lord Cytharat Romance by vadess
PAWN: Private Party by SwortzForce
Slave Soldier by CNS_Sarajevo*
Spoiler Warning: Imperial Agent Aggerton Warwiggins by bright_ephemera*
Thoughts and Musics by KimbriOnasi

Jedi Consular

Iresso's Dilemma by Magdalane*
It Cannot Be Helped by AlyxDinas
The Man in the Box by iamthehoyden*
This is my Only Goodbye by M. Pence/Jahnya

Jedi Knight

The Barely Legal Jedi by Gestahlt
Grey. Red. Black. by thatghost*
Knightless by kabeone*
Remi the Grey by kabeone*
Sight Of The Force by ErikModi
Tales from Remi's Galaxy by kabeone*
The Well of Undying by Lunafox

Sith Inquisitor

Afterimages: Reign of Night by Vesaniae*
The Journal of Darth Siniss by Anubitz
Clan Veil'Kesh - A Deadly Debt by Rezearz
One Light in the Darkness by Lesaberisa*
The Slave by ErikModi
Second Chances by ConspicuousTree

Sith Warrior
A Fool's Crime by miladydeallseaso
Afterimages by Vesaniae*
Avitidas by Jenovan
An Eternal Parasite of the Heart by Eversteam*
Beyond Good and Evil by Euphrosyne*
From Brute to Silly: The Life of Ald by irishfino*
Hypocrite by Eversteam*
The Journal of Adaela Ul'Koth by Duchess of Dork
The Life of Lieutenant Pierce by YoshiRaphElan*
The Lost Archives of a Sith Warrior by Arianwin
Master and Apprentice: Secrets of the Sith by Darth Slaine
The Misadventures of Mischievous Malavai by irishfino*
My Fury Is My Own by Eversteam*
Ninety Seven Percent by irishfino*
No Death, Only Wrath: The Helicarrier Chronicles by bright_ephemera*
Quick Quinn Quotes by irishfino*
Rauken Starstrike: Juggernaut of the Empire by Tavek-Rauken
Ruth Means Compassion by bright_ephemera*
The Strange Case of Dr. Quinn and Mr. Pierce by Striges*
Sith Happens: The Chronicles of Jímpok Mogh by Xakthul*
Spoiler Warning: Sith Warrior Sevasht Warwiggins by bright_ephemera*
There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath by bright_ephemera*
There Is Only Passion by The_Dark_Lord
Water Thicker than Blood by imnotawitch*
Treachery and Healing by Atrilial
What would you do for love? by Wolfninjajedi
Wraith by DarkestDaemon
The Writings of Lord Coriolis of the Tal'mahe'Ra by Qualthis


Aiden Lanic Angel Smuggler by kabeone*
Any Way You Want Me by Eversteam*
Couriers of the Monkey-Lizards by billyrayjoebob
The Hammer Strike by Eversteam*
In the Shadows - A Smuggler's Tale by SilverShadows
The Independent Transporter by BakaGrappler
Interrogation by billyrayjoebob
The Message by Inama
Running in the Family by elliotcat*


Evil Occurrence by MasterDarvon
Hearts of Havoc by BossaMatam
I Remember Me by Lesaberisa*
Life Aboard the Thunderclap by YoshiRaphElan*
Never Forget by imperialmerc
On the Ground by BakaGrappler
Overcoming Adviercity: A Trooper's Tale by bright_ephemera*
A Soldier's Journey by General_Malor

Ensemble (2+ classes)
The Academy: Acolyte Ascension by Osetto (SI, SW)
The Adventures of Forced Companions Daycare by bright_ephemera* (SW, SI, IA, JK, SM, TR)
Always a Plan by Magdalane* (JC, SM, TR)
Casualties on Corellia by Magdalane* (JC, SM, TR)
Driven by the Bonds of Family by alaurin* (BH, TR, SM, with JK, JC, SI)
Exponent by Osetto (SM, TR)
Force of Wills (part 1) by Earthmama* (all classes)
Force of Wills: The Ties That Bind (part 2) by Earthmama* (all classes)
Guiding Lights by Osetto (JC, JK)
Legacy of Destruction by YoshiRaphElan* (all classes)
Lodestone: A Wynston/Ruth Alternate Universe by bright_ephemera* (SW, IA, JK)
The Love of Family Makes Us Stronger by alaurin* (SM, TR, with JC and JK)
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Adventures of Kyle Laurent by TerrekCorso (JK, SM, SW, SI, TR)
The Tales of Twisted Fate: The Legend of Terrek Corso by TerrekCorso (JC, JK, with later chapters SW, BH, IA, SM, TR)
Through Victory by DevilFrog (IA, JC, SI, SW)
Tools of the Trade by Osetto (BH, IA)

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