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I think you missed the part about us having a instant cast free force self heal. Also having to move is something healers should have to do anyhow. Also consider the fun to be had in huttball and the new wz for throwing people into FIRE!!!

Overall I like the direction the devs are going with this. Really one minor nerf, and some good buffs. We will have to see about resolve in game, however, to really judge it.
no i didnt. the self heal is a band-aid for their 1.2 mess ups, and this is them not being forward enoguh with their community and just fixing it by making sorcs/sages pree 1.2 with respect to consumption.

and i have been knocking people into fire and green gas since closed beta with overload... no idea why u think we awere not able to...

u must have missed that part of the game for the past year.