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09.04.2012 , 01:55 PM | #104
I play both a sage and a sorcerer. You just really hurt the class by making overload/force wave have a 120 angle arc. That makes it useless as a defense when you are trying to get someone who is hitting you from behind. Furthermore you made our only quick stun a 10 meter range. Seriously? So now we have to run into the range of melee classes range attacks if we want to stun. We are a ranged class!!! We need to fight at range. All we asked for was a dps increase with some defensive abilities...and instead you gave us a nerf to our cc (which is all we have going for us) and the ability to run away easier. Running away is what we disliked about the class...we want to stay in the fight and make a difference with damage. So to sum it took away our ability to root an area with our force wave (now only able to do it in a 120 meter arc), forced us to enter melee class range to be force choked, and made it so we can run away more often. Congratulations on not listening to us by not giving us any dps increase and reducing our cc. You have officially killed the class.