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Quote: Originally Posted by RickyChavez View Post
Dark Resilience/Valiance: Now additionally increases the healing dealt by Unnatural Preservation/Force Mend by 15% per point.

Is this a new ability? I cant seem to find it. So a maximum of 30% more healing from that spell? What is that 30% of?
Pro tip: it helps to read the dev comments before opining about them.

Just before the dev quote you reference, they said "New Sorcerer/Sage ability, Unnatural Preservation/Force Mend: Heal yourself for a moderate amount. Only usable on yourself. Instant, costs no Force, 30-second cooldown. This ability is trainable at level 18."

Dark Resilience/Valiance are existing talents that modify Consumption/Noble Sacrifice--they are not new. The new ability is Unnatural Preservation/Force Mend. It's insta-cast and only works on you, so think of it like a medpack. And per your later comment, since it's instant it shouldn't mess with your healing rotation.

Quote: Originally Posted by RickyChavez View Post
Force Speed now has a 20-second cooldown (down from 30) for all Consulars and Inquisitors.

This is the most useless ability in the game. Its like a button you can push to trigger people's predatory instincts to attack you. It might help if the levels were more complex but they are all open plains and people lol at you and hookshot you/stun you. If it was immune to stun for like 75% of its duration or something it might have some escape use. I see it possibly helping to get you out of the range of stuns now since they aren't so uber long anymore.
Sorry, but I have to disagree there. Force Speed is by far one of the most essential abilities in both PVP and PVE. The fact that it will now have a reduced cooldown AND drop movement-impairing effects for 100% of its durations (if talented for Fadeout/Egress) makes it even more useful in both.

@all -- I think this is why most Sorcs aren't complaining too much about the Overload conal change. Because in PVP who cares if you can knock back an enemy a few yards if they can just close the gap and stun you again? With the change to Force Speed, you'll be able to immediately escape snares/roots (no trinket required!) and insta-heal yourself with Unnatural Preservation. Can't wait to see this in action on the PTS!