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09.04.2012 , 01:54 PM | #102
So let me get this straight. The sage/sorc's main way to create separation with melee is Force wave/Overload. The main time we used it was when running away from someone. This change makes us need to face the target. This means we have to stop running or hope that we can hunter jump/turn/cast/re-turn. Thanks BW, but no thanks. Give us back our 360 pushback. Yes the fact that it is now instant is great, but the fact that I won't be able to use it defensively is utterly incomprehensible. Why is the snare/root protection on Force speed only for healers? Seriously that is a basic ability that needs to be either baseline or, at worst, in the first 2 levels of the healer tree so dps sages can get it too. Its not like you let sages dps on the move anyway, so a bit more defense for a clothwearer who has no personal damage reduction cd would be appreciated.