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09.04.2012 , 12:41 PM | #15
Hm this post is back-dated to the 31st for some reason, for me at least.

I'm not a huge fan of the force wave changes - knocking them forward is not going to help me get away from them necessarily - but will give me the separation which I use it for anyway. But what I really liked using force wave for was the ability to knock people to my side and back away from me (usually off a bridge or something like in hutt ball). Also knocking people backwards while chasing me - I guess I can be a little more careful and just turn towards them before casting than resume running.

Anyway, I think the other changes compensate for the slight nerf to force wave - the stun and root breaks are, honestly, pretty OP for things like huttball - but should help drastically against those annoying chain stunners (which seem to also be getting a change anyway...). Also having a lower cooldown on force speed is pretty awesome; I always found myself needing an extra couple seconds before I could cast a second time in most solo fights, now I should have plenty of time for the second.

One of my current biggest gripes, though, is how badly certain classes could kill me - I think it is marauders in particular that just seem OP - they have 2-4 things that hit me for 5k+ despite me having 1300 expertise. I can get 2 to force leap me and die very very quickly.