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If you invited people who were on a lockout then your whole group only gets one choice of ops and it negates the randomness of the ops selection. This results in no daily comms.

Not saying this happened, but it is a possibility.
Then the group finder message shouldn't say "Reward available" -should it?

Besides, that logic is faulty. It's not a random for those who've done one of the operation previously during the week and can only queue for other operation. Some people, and I assume it was those who had done one operation during the week already still _got_ the reward and some did not. It's just not logical and it might have something to do with whoever is putting the group together and pressing the button to queue the operation. I was just stupid to have assumed it's been fixed. it was something that ruined the somewhat premade queueing but the customer service at the time felt like it's better to just remove tickets concerning it, or the customer service did forward the concerns of players about it and the process stopped there. I guess someone either in the customer service or developer side assumed that "people just don't know how to use the group finder".