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09.03.2012 , 11:07 PM | #66
Prompt: Loyalty and Betrayal

Title: Uncharted Territory

Characters: Rixik and Kirya AU (Bounty Hunter/Smuggler from Short Fic thread)

No spoilers.

So, I guess this is both the counterpoint to my entries for last week’s regular short fic prompt, as well as the divergent point for my AU with these two characters. As before, Rixik here is 26, Kirya 17. The scene just fit so well with this week’s prompt. But I’ll be frank, it’s not stellar. Exploring these aspects of my characters does not come easy for me—or at least writing it down does not.

And it’s long, 2600 words. Sorry guys. Believe it or not, it started with two lines of dialog and grew into a monster.

Author notes:


Original AU story with these characters, for reference: Takes place well after this episode, and contains early smuggler story spoilers (played a smuggler past level twelve? You’re good)