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Hello Bioware

Firstly us Asia Pacific players are extremely grateful for our servers. I know there are other regions in the world that would love their own servers and we were lucky enough to get ours.

The issue of the Asia Pacific Servers has been raised twice recently
I am sure there are more threads however I can not find them.

There has been no response from Bioware on Asia Pacific players concerns.

The polpulation on Master Dar'Nala the PvP server is really bad at the moment and from what I read the PVE and RP server is just as bad. Surely there is some sort of financial loss to bioware for maintaining dead servers.

I dont want to reroll due to amount of time I have invested in my server and I'm sure many other players would second this. I dont know what the solution is to improve the populations of the Asia Pacific servers but atleast some sort of recognition from Bioware would be great.

A couple of recent game launches have seen the server popultions drop to an all time low. I think making Asia Pacific Players wait until F2P launches to address the issue is not the best idea. Yes I know content is far more important than our current server status however the game hasnt really changed much since April.

If push came to shove I would be happy to merge into one Asia Pacific Super Server but I know this would probably upset some people.

TL : DR - The Asia Pacific server populations are critically low and Bioware needs to acknowledge this and let us know what their plans are.