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09.03.2012 , 04:36 PM | #1
Last time this occurred ticket was removed. Many others in the ops wrote about it too and their tickets got removed too. I just wanted to get customer service's attention with this rant because it doesn't feel entirely rewarding wasting few hours a week for supposedly receiving bh coms via story mode operations. It seems not all bugs are fixed concerning group finder and queuing for sm operations (for bh coms).

Today, much like soon after group finder was implemented, we queued a premade operation for random operation (ev or kp sm). For everyone, it said "reward available" -however, at the end it was completely random to whom the group finder decided to give the reward to.

For an example, I, who was putting the group together had just dinged 50 last sunday -hungry for bh coms, no doubt. Nice. It was confirmed, reward available with the all possible choises selected. In the end, it was completely and utterly random who got the prices and who didn't.

Last time I did an operation via group finder and I am going to tell everyone I know not to waste their time with it.

Yours, pissed _customer_

Pst. sometimes customer service has been sweet, but you do understand, genuine feedback must be written in the heat of the moment and contain the emotion experienced. ARghghghghHGHGHghghg. Answer the damn tickets.